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Extang tonno cover - truck tonneau cover and side rail featuring no-drill attaching Black Max, Platinum, Saber, Tuff Tonno III, Full Tilt, Cargo Max and ToolBox Toneau Cover for your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda or Isuzu pickup. Extang soft tonneau cover is available in standard black as well as custom colors. Replacement parts, Tonno Tonic, and Cargo Cleats are also available.

Extang Tonno
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Extang Black Max Tonneau Cover Extang Full Tilt Tonneau Cover Extang Trifecta Tonneau Cover
Extang Black Max
( $233.10 )

The Extang Black Max tonno cover has solid black rails and snaps, providing a clean frame for the only tonno system with a completely removable tarp.
Extang Full Tilt Tonno
Snap Snapless
( $372.60 ) ( $390.60 )
Soft tonneau cover hinged at
cab rail for “full-tilt” access
of entire truck.
Tilt 30° for normal operation with gas shock assists. Tilt 60° for quick removal of both the lightweight frame and tarp. Or roll up the tarp for full access to the bed. Available with
Platinum (snap) or
Saber (snapless) style tarp
Extang Trifecta
( $395.10 )

The Extang Tri-Folding tonno cover provides easy, quick access to truck bed. No assembly required, Speed-Clamps provide quick and secure attachment and release. Seals at all contact points keep out weather and dust.
Extang Platinum Tonneau Cover Extang Revolution Extang Express Tonneau Cover
Extang Platinum
( $249.33 )

The Extang Classic Platinum tonno cover is the ultimate quality choice when nothing but premium metal components will do.
Revolution ( $426.60 )
Extang Revolution is truly revolutionary. No snaps, no peal-and-seal, no Velcro. Everything is held tightly place by the attachment mechanisms of the bows.
Lifetime Warranty on frame and tarp.
Extang Express
( $381.60 )

Extang's latest design of the roll-top Velcro style tonneau. Tarp can be entirely removed for complete access to the truck bed. Bows roll up inside tarp for convenient storage. Self-Adjusting tension system maintains ease of use at any temperature. Lifetime Warranty on frame and tarp.
Extang ToolBox Tonneau Cover Extang Tuff Tonno III  
Extang ToolBox
( $264.60 )

The Extang Toolbox tonneau cover has all of the great features of the Classic Platinum, custom made to fit your specific truck and tool box.
Extang Tuff Tonno III
( $249.30 )

The sharp looking Tuff Tonno III gives you a clean, smooth edge with it’s snapless tongue-and-groove closure and lever-action tail rail for easy positioning and tightening of cover.
Custom Color
Tonno Tonic Tonno Tonic Tailgate Seal Custom Color Option
Custom color tonnos are made to order and take 2-4 weeks to deliver.
Tonno Tonic ( $15.00 )
Cleans, Beautifies, and UV Protects in one step. Precisely formulated for Extang material.
Tailgate Seal( $20.00 )
Rubber Gasket to seal bottom and sides of tailgate against water and dust.
Cargo Gate Spare
Cargo Gate ( $99.95 )
Cargo Gate can be placed anywhere along length of truck bed rail to keep items close to the cab or close to the tailgate.
Complete Spare Parts Offering, including: Snaps, Corner Pieces, Tail Rail Assembly, and Tarp.

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